The Complete Step-by-Step System to REVERSE Chronic Health IssuesBOOST Energy and FEEL Amazing while Reducing Bloating, Fatigue, and Joint Pain without Stress and Starvation. 
The Ultimate 
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We created the Anti-Inflammatory Reset because:
Welcome to our online training program that has been created from our own personal struggles and helping thousands of private clients!
  • We wanted to share the food-as-medicine system we've used to help fix many of our own issues like bloating, fatigue, brain fog, poor recovery, and joint pain.
  • We know this system and approach is unknown by most dietitians and health professionals. Therefore, finding a reliable resource to provide a detailed step-by-step approach including recipes and quality supplements is almost nonexistent.
  • Because we can only help one client at a time with 1-on-1 visits, we wanted to create a system that would allow us to help more people, including those all-over the world. 
  • Because 1-on-1 nutrition visits are expensive, we wanted to create a program that would be affordable and flexible to all kinds of people. 
With the step-by-step system you learn in the Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Reset you will be able to:
Introduction: Discover why our food is making us sick today. You will also learn how to recognize if food is inflaming your body and what you can do to reverse the issue(s). 

Step 1: Learn the cornerstones of an Anti-Inflammatory Reset Elimination Diet Plan and the transformation you can expect from implementation.  

Step 2: Learn how to successfully and accurately keep a food journal in order to pinpoint symptoms and problematic foods. Then, let's eat! Get ready to learn the best grocery shopping tips, grocery lists, and recipes for ultimate success.  

Step 3: Say hello to insider pro tips! Here we will discuss how to properly calculate your nutrition needs, balance your protein carbs and fat the RIGHT way, and utilize quality supplements to achieve optimal health. 

Step 4: Dining out and on the go: How to safely navigate eating at restaurants, school cafeterias, and business meetings. 

Step 5: Discover food reintroduction and our top secrets to maintain long term success. 

Step 6: Learn our top secret, insider tips on how to experience long term success. You didn't put forth all this effort only to have it fade away, right?!

BONUS: Why are so many celebrities touting diets where "healthy" food is removed and why do I feel so much better doing the same?

While we have both been life long health nuts and athletes, our health hasn't always reflected our efforts. In 2012 Kylene started to feel incredibly sluggish and fatigued, struggling to have energy without coffee. Little did she know that the apartment building that she had moved into was covered in mold leading to terrible mold toxicity and eventually celiac disease. A few years later, not long after we had a roof leak, Michael came down fatigue and GI symptoms that no one could figure out. 

Numerous appointments with conventionally trained doctors and a countless number of tests provided very little help to Kylene or Michael. 

Kylene, a board-certified sports dietitian, joined the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, and through the help of her colleagues and countless hours studying leaders in functional medicine, she was able to determine the root of her own issues - gluten sensitivity caused by mold toxicity. 

Through the use of an elimination diet and assistance of a close physician colleague to treat her mold exposure, she was able to reverse her chronic fatigue and the need to live on coffee to function. 

Michaels gut issues were able to be resolved with mold and SIBO treatment from a Cleveland Clinic functional physician. However, he continued to have intermittent and hard-to-predict extreme fatigue and brain fog that would not resolve. 

With Kylene's assistance in carrying out an elimination diet, he was able to pinpoint an extreme sensitivity to corn (which just happens to be in almost every, especially any gluten free product).  

Kylene continued to provide guidance on how to successfully navigate a world full of corn and Michael ended up in the best shape of his life. The grand finale? He shaved 22 minutes off his previous best marathon time to run a Boston-Qualifying time in the 2019 New York City Marathon.

About Us

So, needless to say, we understand what it is like to battle gut issues, brain fog, mold toxicity, SIBO, food sensitivities, autoimmunity and chronic fatigue. Fortunately, through our own struggles, we've learned not only how to help ourselves, but how to help a countless number of clients.  

At FWDfuel Sports Nutrition, we focus on an individualized all-natural and whole-food approach to nutrition. We discuss clean-eating, using only the purest professional-grade-supplements, and how to reduce both stress and toxins for sustainable long-term success. We know a clean-approach is the best approach, and there is nothing we enjoy more than helping fix the gut and fatigue issues in others. 
Everything You Need to Succeed is in Our 7 Modules 
(Plus a Bonus!)
Introduction - Unleash the Power of Food! An Introduction to Using Food as Medicine

Welcome to a world where you are treated like the biologically unique human that you are. Where we work to get to the root of your health issues and annoying symptoms instead of masking everything with medications. 

Here is what you will understand from listening to our intro to Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition: 

  • Why you must get to the root of a health issue vs. using medication to “band-aid” the symptoms.
  • How your life will be forever changed when you learn the insider tips and tricks as to how you can use food as medicine

Module 1: An Anti-Inflammatory Approach Explained - How We’re Going to Use an Elimination Diet to Feel Amazing

This module is the foundation of the course and get you on the path to success! You will learn:

  • What the heck is an elimination diet and why is it so important to follow correctly?
  • Why would removing “healthy” foods help me to feel better?
  • Wait, how does food even relate to my symptoms like fatigue, bloating and joint pain?

You've heard it before and you're going to hear it again! Planning for your Ultimate Reset is your biggest key to success. In this module, you will learn how to:
  • Properly prepare and plan in advance so that you can actually eat food you enjoy and feel energized from the very start of your reset 
  • Strategize your meals and snacks so that you do not spend a fortune during the process or even worse, your precious time!
  • Learn how to successfully prepare and navigate the elimination diet when you are the only person in the family following this approach
  • You will be provided with recipes that I created and tested myself. No cat-litter like meals!!

Avoid my personal rookie mistake of spending an astronomical amount on foods I had never heard of at the time, and then preparing them in recipes that tasted like garbage!!!

Module 2: Preparing for Success - How to Shop and Prepare in Advance so You Don’t End Up Broke and Starved

Module 3: Supplementation - Our Guide on the Super Smart & High-Quality Supplements We Use for Maximum Energy and Healing

A food-first approach is always the answer, however, more times than not, basic supplementation can help you get the most out of your nutrition. In this module, you will learn:
  • What supplements you actually need
  • Where to buy the best supplements for the best price
  • The ins and outs of proper supplementation: why is supplementation beneficial when your diet is well balanced?

Avoid the rookie mistake of buying garbage supplements from poor quality distributors!

Module 4: Dining Out- How to Go Out to Eat Successfully - Our Detailed Plan for Dining Out Without Blowing Your Elimination Diet to Shreds
Most of us enjoy dining out, but there is a time and a place when following an elimination diet! No need to live like a hermit. 

In this module, you will learn:
  • When you can actually dine out while following the Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Elimination Reset 
  • You will be provided a cheat sheet of exactly what to order and where to go!

Avoid the rookie mistake of dining out too soon and making the wrong choice when you do finally dine out!
Module 5: Reintroduction - Returning to the Real World: How to Properly Reintroduce Food Without Blowing Progress
Can I ever reintroduce the foods I removed?! When? How?! 

In this module, you will learn:
  • The proper protocol for reintroduction and long term success. 
  • If reintroduction did not go well, what is the next step?
  • Do I have to avoid these foods for life?!
Module 6: Long Term Success -Our Crazy Secret but Crucial Tips for Long Term Success & What to do if You’re Not Seeing Great Results
Congrats! You've made it! In this module, you will learn the best tips and tricks for long term success. 

In this module, you will learn:
  • Feeling amazing? Learn best tips and tricks to take your current level of success and carry it through for years to come
  • Still feel like you have a little more work to do? Check out best functional tests to consider for next level care
  • Learn where to find the best functional doctors to book an appointment with for further evaluation (and also check out our top 3 favorite doc list!) We’ve already done all the leg work work for you!

Bonus Module: Why are we Eliminating "Healthy" Foods? - Digging into The Strange but Interesting Science on Why Some “Healthy” Foods Should be Avoided
This module is geared towards those who love to nerd out on the science and better understand the "why" begin a comprehensive elimination diet. Unfortunately, not all foods fit for most people, and this module explains why. 

In this module, you will learn:
  • Why so many professionals are telling us to avoid eggs. wheat, dairy and peanut butter
  • Why athletes and celebrities like Tom Brady and Kelly Clarkson are avoiding lectins and other supposedly healthy food groups
  • We answer: Why do I feel so much better now avoiding foods that I previously ate my entire life?

Hear Some of Our Greatest Success Stories
Check out our checklist to help keep you on track with your elimination diet. Learn everything you need to know in order to succeed from beginning to end while following an anti-inflammatory elimination diet.
BONUS #1 Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory
Start-Up Cheat Sheet
BONUS #2: Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Ingredient Guide
What are the BEST ingredients to go in your smoothies? Which ones are the absolute top choices for helping reduce inflammation, and which ones would be elimination-diet approved? This guide has you covered and will help you make pro-athlete caliber smoothies for life. This free bonus is available for only a limited time with our course!
Our Bonuses to Super-Charge Your Process
What People are Saying about FWDfuel Sports Nutrition
Google "FWDfuel Sports Nutrition" to read more of our 5 star reviews!
Michael manages the website and all of the business. Send any questions you have and he'll answer them and when necessary, forward them onto Kylene for her help. Use this link to contact us. 
How Will We Support You ?
LJ helps manage contracts, scheduling and payments.  She quick to respond to questions and concerns!
Course-participant members only Facebook group to ask questions to other members and support others on their journey. 
Begin Your Whole Body Reset Today!
Questions? See Our FAQs Below
Q: Once I buy the course, do I have access to all the content or do I have to wait for modules or complete sections before I have access to each lesson?
A: You will have lifetime access to all content immediately upon purchase. However, each module must be done in order for you to be able to"unlock" the next module. We do this because in order to achieve optimal results, each step must be completed systematically.  

Q: I've heard elimination diets can be expensive. I can't afford to throw out my entire cupboard and start over. 
A: No worries! We have your back. We include our top tips and tricks to save money AND time while on an elimination diet. We don't believe in throwing food away and we hate wasting hard earned cash!

Q: I'm worried this may not be the perfect fit for me, what if I start and decide I'm not a good fit?
A: We offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. Also, if you get to the end of your modules and decide you still need a little bit of help with individual attention, we'll give you 50% off a 3-month individual nutrition coaching package. Basically, we guarantee results or your money back or we will help you hand-in-hand to get there! 

Q: I don't have time to learn something new - will this get me instant results and relieve my symptoms overnight???
A: While our results tend to be rapid, this will not happen overnight. Most importantly, you will need to take the information and seriously put it into action. But don't worry, our support network of other students along with help from the FWDfuel team will help you get the support you need to achieve sustainable results. If you're looking for a "magic bullet" then this course probably isn't a good fit for you right now (i.e. - you will be required to put the work in!)

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